Love tester

Type in two names and see if there is love between them!

Love Tester

With this love test you can find out if you and your potential partner are a good match for a long lasting relationship full of love. Love tester by name is perfect game to help you finding your true match.

Relationship compatibility with love meter

This love meter is like digital thermometer that measures the intensity of your love connection. No more guessing games—just tap, fill in names, and let love meter reveal the hot truth about your love flame.

Test your love

This is the ultimate love detector that helps you to change your life. Our test will ask you a few questions to measure the percentage of love compatibility between two people.

Love test game is very fast and effective. But remember that even this can give wrong results sometimes, as measuring something as complex as love is very difficult.

How does our relationship algorithm work?

Our secret algorithm evaluates all the parameters (including names) which you have given us, and estimates how strong love there is between you two. The algorithm is our own secret, but you can be sure that it is the best one available.